Disability Marketing: Client and Prospect Facing Literature

We offer a full suite of individual disability products to meet the needs of professionals, employers and business owners.  Utilize this section to find client facing materials to support you in the field.
  • ProVider PlusTM and ProVider Plus Limited individual disability income insurance
  • Income ProViderTM supplemental disability income insurance
  • Business ProViderTM disability buy-out, overhead expense and business reducing term disability income insurance ?


Berkshire DI Client Sales Brochure
Provider Plus Limited Consumer Brochure
Client facing brochure on the benefits and features of Guardian's Provider Plus Limited... We purposefully engineer our disability income products with features and options that address your income protection needs at each life phase.
Chart the Course for Your Business
Help Your Business Stay the Course - Brochure
Got business loans or debt? Taking on debt or committing to a financial agreement is a necessary part of building a successful business or practice. Perhaps you took out a loan to purchase or expand your business. Maybe you borrowed to buy new equipment, property or office space. Or perhaps you offered a guaranteed salary contract to a key employee. But how would you satisfy that obligation if you were to become disabled?
Claim Scenario- Case Study About Carol
Carol, an anesthesiologist making $300,000 annually, went skiing one weekend and had an accident which tore her ACL. Her initial prognosis was to have surgery followed by six months of rehabilitation. Unfortunately, Carol experienced unforeseen setbacks during rehabilitation, including a very bad post surgical infection. As a result, she experienced extended immobilization of the knee, muscle wasting and weakness. How did her Disability Policy protect her?
Financial Strength of Guardian Individual Disability Income Insurance
Flyer that explains Guardian and Berkshire the company behind the products. Financial Strength, Comdex Rating, and Commitment to Mutuality.
Smart Protection: To Ensure Your Plans Continue
Client Facing Brochure: Guardian is the only individual disability income carrier to offer Student Loan protection.
Disability Insurance Point of Sale Brochure - for Consumers
Income Protection Worksheet
This worksheet was designed to help you clarify what income protection you have in place and what income may still be exposed to risk in the event you become too sick or injured to work.
DI Overhead Expense Flyer
If you became too sick or injured to work, you could be unable to provide the essential services your customers expect, and you may not be able to provide the leadership that your employees need. Your revenue would likely decline — But your ongoing business expenses would continue.
DI Executive Bonus Plan Flyer
Reward Key employees with Disability Protection Attracting and retaining outstanding talent is extremely important to the success of your business or practice. Rewarding key employees with robust benefits can be an important element in differentiating yours from other firms.
DI Qualified Sick Pay Program Flyer
Benefits for you and your employees Did you know that if you or a key employee in your business becomes too sick or injured to work, the firm cannot continue to pay wages and deduct those payments as a business expense unless a qualified sick pay plan is in place prior to the disability? Many business owners are unaware of this prohibition in the Internal Revenue Code.
Voluntary Income Protection Program Flyer
Industry-Leading Disability Income Protection for you at a Discount When you purchase a home or car, you wouldn’t dream of not insuring it, right? But are you insuring your income, the asset that is even more valuable than your home or auto? Your income is what makes it possible for you to make your mortgage or rent payments, buy groceries, pay utilities and credit card bills, make loan payments, and so forth.
DI Student and Resident Discount Program Flyer
Industry-Leading Disability Income Protection for Students and Residents at a Discount Looking for a cost-effective way to help the students and residents in your program protect their future earnings? With our Student and Resident Discount Program, you can provide access to industry-leading disability income coverage at a discount.
Retirement Protection Plan Program- Tri-Fold Brochure
RPP is designed to help you maintain a healthy retirement strategy by replacing contributions made to a defined contribution plan during a disability. Once eligible for benefits, a monthly benefit insuring up to 100% of your retirement contributions, including any employer-matching contributions, will be paid into a trust established by you. The trustee invests benefits at your direction.
DI for Business, Owners, and Employees Guide
A 20 page Brochure for Client meetings. Filled with concepts, product explanations, statistics and even worksheets to work through.
Provider Plus Stop Exposing Yourself
Your Group Long Term Disability (LTD) plan may not provide the coverage you need if you become too sick or injured to work.
Short Course in Individual Disability Insurance
Providing Guidance... This guide will provide answers to some of your questions: Am I really vulnerable, how can it affect me, how can I protect my personal income, how can I protect my retirement contributions, how can I protect my business?
Disability Insurance Protection Consumer Brochure
You insure your most valuable tangible assets: your home, auto and valuables. Do you insure your income?
Disability Insurance to Fund a Buy-Sell Agreement
Few business partners have a plan in place to help protect their business in the event of a prolonged or permanent disability of a partner. And few business owners realize that such an illness or accident befalling a partner could have devastating effects on their business.

Catagory Key:

Guide = A piece that usually is meant for Producer or Broker Use only.  These pieces are more in depth about the particular product or strategy. 
Broker Use Only = All pieces that are not to be used with the general public.  These are pieces on sales strategies, product lines, riders etc... 
Client/Prospect Use Only = All pieces that you can use to either market to clients, support pieces when speaking about a product, rider or strategy based.

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