Life Marketing: Client and Prospect Facing Literature

We have compiled all literature having to do with all of our Life Product lines here in this area.  All pieces are Client and Prospecting facing pieces.  To find Brokerage Use only pieces, please go to the Life Marketing: Broker Use Only drop down at the top menu of our site.


Putting Policyholders First: Guardian's Mutuality Drives Everything
Our Customers, Our Owners Mutuality permeates our culture at Guardian. It determines our priorities and values, the way in which we manage our company, and the way we perform every day.
The Whole Life Story
Introduction Whole life is a versatile financial instrument devised for the protection of families, businesses, and the creation and enhancement of wealth. To appreciate the great value of this type of life insurance protection, one needs to explore how it works, its uses, its benefits, and the options you have in structuring a contract to meet your specific needs, and why Guardian is the company of choice.”
Direct Recognition
Some Try to Cloud the Facts... Here’s The Real Story on Whole Life & Direct Recognition
Pay Now or Pay Later: Roth IRA's
While putting away funds for retirement on a pre-tax basis may be an attractive investment now, you might want to think ahead. What could you be paying in taxes to the U.S. Government in 10, 15, or 20 years when you’re ready to start taking withdrawals from your retirement fund?
How will you save for Higher Education?
So how should parents or grandparents save for tomorrow? Let’s examine two ways these adults can save for a child’s college...
Guaranteed Insurability Option (GIO) Rider Flyer
Client/Prospect facing flyer explaining the GIO Rider.
An Alternate to Traditional Long Term Care Insurance
Client/Prospect facing flyer explaining the need for Long Term Care and Guardian's solution… Long Term Care Rider structured into Guardian's Whole Life Insurance policy.
Waiver of Premium Rider Flyer
Client/Prospect facing piece utilized to explain the benefits of Waiver of Premium.

Catagory Key:

Guide = A piece that usually is meant for Producer or Broker Use only.  These pieces are more in depth about the particular product or strategy. 
Broker Use Only = All pieces that are not to be used with the general public.  These are pieces on sales strategies, product lines, riders etc... 
Client/Prospect Use Only = All pieces that you can use to either market to clients, support pieces when speaking about a product, rider or strategy based.

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