About Us

Steve A. Ferrara, CLU

The philosophy that guided the company in its early years is a simple one. We will always endeavor to provide the best quality products and service through a staff of highly trained professionals. We value the relationship with our brokers above all else, as we fulfill their needs, understand their interests and help them to meet their financial objectives. It is a credo that has withstood the test of time and one which will continue to guide Northeast Planning Corporation in the coming years.

I have always felt that we must strive each day to be a model of professionalism and integrity for all in our industry to emulate. We must continually renew our commitment to excellence in dealing with our brokers and work at earning their business and respect every day. This has been a fundamental principle that has guided our firm since its founding and remains one that I am committed to as we enter the 21st century.

Steven A. Ferrara, CLU
CEO & President
Northeast Planning Corporation